REPA is currently (June-July 2015) involved in three court cases regarding local developments.

One of the three court cases has recently been 'struck out'. This was Appeal 3383/12 (land at 3334 Moggill Road) in which the owner appealed against the Council for refusing his application to subdivide nearly 12 ha into 26 lots on well vegetated land in Moggill.

REPA is of the opinion that its participation in the case reinforced Council’s position regarding refusing the application and may well have contributed to the case being 'stuck out', though that now may be challenged. The outcome is good news for that piece of land which is connected to other areas of good habitat and also good news for several neighbouring residents.

REPA is still pursuing the other two court cases, in both of which REPA has elected to be a Co-Respondent in support of Council’s refusal of the respective proposals.

These cases are carefully reviewed by REPA at each of our Committee meetings.

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